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UMAX is a product of Itineris. Itineris – excellence in utilities – is headquartered near Ghent, Belgium and is a 100% utility industry-focused international, business and IT application consulting group that also has offices in The Netherlands and the United States of America. Itineris offers innovative software solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform and related IT services for utilities. Through its offering it supports the different market roles and commodities within the European & North American utility industries. Choose one of our offices closest to your location.


UMAX Europe              UMAX America

Itineris (Headquarters)

Xavier De Cocklaan 24

9831 Deurle


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Itineris (USA & Canada)

PO Box 680451
Marietta, GA 30068

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      UMAX Other regions
  Please contact us, we will find the closest implementor for your region.  




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