Working for UMAX?

UMAX is a product from Itineris, an international IT solution and services provider with 100% focus on utilities. The company is headquartered in Belgium and has offices in The Netherlands and North America. Itineris is continuously seeking for excellent talents to join its team.


Itineris - an energetic company


Itineris is a growing company consisting in a tight group of dynamic, motivated and driven utility and technical IT experts who enjoy doing what we excel at. We take pride in the fact that every day we successfully meet another new challenge; both for you and for our company.


We continue to grow in a sustainable manner and have achieved this through thoughtful planning and by paying particularly close attention to a personal and individual approach for each of our team members. Our goal is to create a dynamic relationship aiming towards a common goal and always living up to corporate values.


How do we accomplish this?


By caring and by being customer driven. Our business focus remains tightly targeted because we seek out challenging projects that give us the opportunity to grow in specific ways. We give our team members and especially our clients — the chance to develop together. This is the approach that has assembled a combined team that thrives on and is driven by personal attention.

Of course we offer the best financial opportunities with great benefits. But we sincerely hope you are interested in us for a lot more than just that. First and foremost we want you to find true job satisfaction at its most personal and deeply satisfying level.



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