UMAX a unique solution - Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX

UMAX is the solution for utilities created by Itineris and based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 platform, which is part of Microsoft’s top line of easy-to-use, integrated and adaptable ERP applications that enable business decision-makers to quickly respond to market shifts, take advantage of new trends, increase their competitive edge and drive business success.

Top-of-the-line, most comprehensive ERP solution
MS Dynamics AX is Microsoft’s top-of-the-line and most comprehensive ERP solution. AX is a proven and scalable solution for mid-sized and larger organisations. Within these organisations it empowers people to anticipate and embrace change so that the business can thrive. The solution features an intuitive and easy-to-learn, easy-to-use Microsoft Office-like user interface and Role-Tailored dashboards. Microsoft Dynamics AX further provides a flexible architecture and solid foundation to vertically develop specific solutions, such as UMAX for the utility sector.

Moreover, it supports organisations in doing international business (simultaneously) in various locations and countries, standardising processes, improving productivity, simplifying compliance and maintaining control. All of this is packaged in a single global solution giving you rapid time to value. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics AX is also a scalable solution that can grow as your business expands. Furthermore, through its layered structure, MS Dynamics AX offers flexibility and faster implementations (by up to 70%) for upgrades and updates.  

What do analysts think about MS Dynamics AX?
GartnerUMAX is built on the MS Dynamics AX platform and, according to Gartner, Microsoft Dynamics AX can be regarded as a ‘leader of industry’ platform. The Magic Quadrant evaluation report indicates that Microsoft Dynamics AX is amongst the leaders in ERP because of its proven record of customer success and higher-than-average rate of growth in the midmarket.  Microsoft Dynamics AX, according to the report, offers “broad and robust functionality and delivers low TCO (total cost of ownership) through integration of other Microsoft products and technologies.”


Nucleus ResearchMoreover, AX guarantees lower total cost of ownership and lower maintenance costs than traditional solutions from SAP (ISU), Oracle (utilities), etc. This was proven through an ROI study performed by Nucleus Research. This study confirmed MS Dynamics AX as the best-performing in its class compared to these traditional ERP solutions. It also shows that AX is the most flexible solution, quickest to implement and the easiest to adopt within larger or complex organisations, making AX the best guarantee for future success.

ForresterAlong with Nucleus Research & Gartner, Forrester Research also put Microsoft Dynamics AX forward as a ‘leader’ solution. “Microsoft’s product strategy represents a compelling vision for end-to-end management. As large and enterprise-sized companies continue to experience difficulty with existing systems, Microsoft Dynamics AX will play an increasing role as a key alternative for divisions and subsidiaries looking for lower-cost and more effective alternatives….”



Based on what the analysts are saying, UMAX and MS Dynamics AX are a valid alternative for utilities looking to replace their current systems and/or architecture and seeking greater flexibility at a lower cost. UMAX has been successfully implemented at companies that previously ran on SAP (ISU), Oracle (utilities), Ventyx (Banner), Customer/1, Vertex, Advanced, MECOMS and other systems.



UMAX = a leader of industry platform

By being built on the Dynamics AX platform, UMAX guarantees these similar advantages:

  • Flexible and modular solution
  • Scalable application
  • Quick adoption ratio
  • Lowest maintenance costs       
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

UMAX = a Certified solution for the utility industry

Moreover, UMAX is a Certified for MS Dynamics AX solution, meaning it has passed Microsoft’s most stringent tests - performed by Lionbridge and VeriTest, an independent software testing agency - and meets Microsoft’s highest standards.


Why is this so important?

This label guarantees that UMAX is:

  • A proven, robust and trustworthy solution for utilities
  • Approved by Microsoft
  • A guarantee for future success.

What does this mean for utilities?

  • UMAX successfully passed the strictest software solution tests for Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • More than 10 utility customers  run their business on the latest version of UMAX™
  • UMAX™ is created by Itineris - a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for ERP.
  •  …

All these elements taken together make UMAX™ the best solution for utilities currently available on the market.

UMAX - created by Itineris, a Microsoft Gold partner for ERP

UMAX is a product from Itineris NV, which amongst utilities is regarded as a reference as a utility consultancy and IT solutions provider. Furthermore, Itineris is a Microsoft Gold certified partner for ERP.


Microsoft Gold Partner

The Microsoft Certified Partner Program

Microsoft Certified Partners are independent companies that can provide you with the highest levels of technical expertise, strategic thinking and hands-on skills. Microsoft Certified Partners encompass a broad range of expertise and vendor affiliations and their real-world perspective can help you prioritise and effectively deliver your technology solutions.

Microsoft Gold certified partners
Gold Certified Partners are the top level of Microsoft solutions partners and have access to the tools and support they need to help them stand out in the marketplace. At this level they have the opportunity to build the closest working relationship with Microsoft and are guaranteed account engagement from Microsoft, along with other top-level benefits.

Why work with a Microsoft Certified Partner?

  • Microsoft Certified Partners have demonstrated expertise.
    Each Microsoft Certified Partner must employ a minimum number of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) who have a demonstrated level of technical expertise and the proven ability to deliver solutions featuring Microsoft products. MCPs must pass certification exams developed by Microsoft.

  • Microsoft Certified Partners have a broad range of experience.
    Microsoft Certified Partners typically offer several areas of technical expertise including infrastructure, networking, office automation, e-commerce, collaboration, business intelligence and other leading-edge disciplines. Microsoft Certified Partner services include consulting, training, implementation, maintenance/support and hosting services.

  • Microsoft Certified Partners have direct support from Microsoft.
    Microsoft Certified Partners have access to 24/7/365 support for your project whenever they need additional support from Microsoft.

  • Microsoft Certified Partners offer a real-world perspective for your technology strategies.
    Microsoft Certified Partners have been in the business, on average, for more than 5 years. They bring experience to your projects gained through conducting similar projects over many years of service.