UMAX pricing & licensing

UMAX is the affordable & alternative solution for utilities

UMAX is a comprehensive standardised software solution built on MS Dynamics AX. It supports utilities in their core business processes and offers utilities the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Furthermore, because it’s a standardised solution, UMAX guarantees lower IT costs by rationalising your architecture to a single open technology stack easily communicating or interfacing with other technologies.  UMAX is therefore the one truly valid option for utilities pursuing uniformity within their architecture at an affordable cost.  

How much does UMAX cost?

UMAX is a packaged and standardised software solution. There are some parameters that need to be addressed before being able to set a correct price for the solution best fitting your business situation. There are several criteria in play…

UMAX can be implemented as a single integrated software solution and, by doing this, utilities can immediately enjoy the full power and benefits of the solution. Or the software can be implemented on a ‘modular basis’, gradually growing together with the scope and scale of your business and/or progressively phasing out certain applications within your current IT architecture. Criteria that play an important role in the price setting of UMAX include:

  • the number of commodities supported
  • the level of automation required
  • the number of points of delivery to service


Transparency is key!

As a utility, you don’t want any surprises, certainly not when implementing a new core IT solution. Therefore, UMAX’s pricing is based on a transparent licensing model. The figure below clearly explains the build-up of the UMAX solution for utility businesses.


Microsoft Dynamics AX lisenses

UMAX is built on MS Dynamics AX. Therefore UMAX comes combined with AX licenses to guarantee full functionality.

UMAX core pricing

Next the UMAX core configuration is chosen in line with the specificities of your market role and/or market situation.

UMAX modules pricing

Then there are the UMAX modules (prospecting/selling/etc.) that will be installed according to your needs.

UMAX compliancy pack

And subsequently utilities need to choose the specific language, country and compliancy packs.

Utilities can opt for accelerators, which allow them to differentiate from their competitors, through leveraging the Microsoft technology stack.

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