Focus on first-line resolution and reduce workload
UMAX offers your call centre operators all relevant information for handling customer contacts efficiently. Customer and contract details, an instant overview of the main processes as well as opportunities for cross- and/or up-selling are brought together in a single dashboard. This results in a more effective handling of customer requests, lower workload ... Read more
What exactly is the new Dutch market model for utilities?
On the 1st of August 2013, all residential customers and small & medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the Netherlands switch to the new Dutch market model in which they will receive 1 combined energy bill instead of 2. The energy supplier will henceforth act as the single point of contact. A new messaging standard and various other regulatory changes are ... Read more
Maintain control of your utility business
The operational control framework (OCF) provides your key employees with actual and real-time information on the status of operational, financial and/or sales Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). The OCF performance indicators can be translated throughout the organisation in a transparent and uniform manner. By doing so, managers can focus on ‘what really ... Read more
Manage multisites without effort
Managing multisites can sometimes require a lot of ‘witchcraft’ from more traditional ERP solutions. UMAX, by contrast, offers suppliers the necessary tools for efficient multisite management, such as: a mass upload tool for all delivery points, a flexible product & price configurator, an easy quotation wizard with copy quotation functionality and much ... Read more

UMAX - a powerful business solution for utilities

UMAX supports utilities (B2C and B2B) in their core business processes and the daily management of their activities. UMAX covers all steps in the value chain and offers utilities the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing environment. It incorporates proven industry framework models and established working methodologies and has been perfected thanks to best practices, collected through years of implementations at international and regional utilities.

UMAX is an integrated, packaged and standardised solution and therefore can guarantee lower IT costs. Thanks to its open architecture and the Microsoft technology stack, UMAX can easily communicate with other technologies.  UMAX is therefore the one truly valid option for utilities seeking uniformity within their architecture at an affordable cost.

UMAX is built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 platform. This platform is considered 'leader of industry' with a clear vision: guaranteeing flexibility at a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

UMAX combines the best of two worlds.

UMAX offers useful tools for prospecting, sales and the management of new and existing accounts. UMAX enhances the customer journey and is the solution for maximising customer revenue. At the same time, the UMAX solution enables utilities to achieve efficient operations by allowing them to focus on the exceptions rather than the entire process. Moreover, UMAX™ makes it easier for players to adopt a 'first time right' philosophy; resulting in minimal lead times, reduced cost to serve and a flexible organisation that can easily adapt to change.

UMAX supports utilities in the following primary and supporting processes.




UMAX for different utility market roles

UMAX is available in 4 standard configurations. Within these configurations, UMAX is designed to address the specific needs of a specific market role active within the utility sector.

To correctly inform you about the capabilities of UMAX - linked to your market role, please choose the role that best describes your activities.


UMAX - significant advantages for utilitiesUMAX offers utility players the tools to reduce overall costs to serve, to increase operational margins and to keep ahead of competition. Moreover, UMAX is a flexible business solution that enables utilities to adapt easily to shifting customer demands and market changes. UMAX is the business solution enabling utilities to:

  • Maximise customer revenue through effective sales and campaigns
  • Monitor working capital position via UMAX’s straight through processing concept
  • Manage clients flexibly & operate efficiently via UMAX integrated standard processes
  • Manage with confidence and maintain control through the operational control framework
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