UMAX for Distribution Companies

These are challenging times if you’re a distribution company. Besides ensuring a secure and reliable energy supply, at the lowest cost, you need to keep up a routine of installing, repairing and replacing meters, connecting new homes and providing assistance to customers who are moving house and/or changing energy supplier.

At the same time, you have to prepare for important changes in the industry. The existing local infrastructure needs upgrading in order to allow the rollout of smart meters, to facilitate decentralised production and to accommodate all future development needs. This will certainly necessitate substantial investments during difficult economic times in which energy prices and service costs must be kept to a minimum.

Customer processes and network-related processes (connecting, operating & maintaining) are inseparably linked to one another.  The project management and service management modules of UMAX generate maximum synergy between the two types of processes.



UMAX supports your core business processes


Supports all stages in the selling process

Serve & Manage

Respond to customer requests


Forecast, simulate & invoice consumptions


Manage payments & amounts due

UMAX also includes these supporting processes


Link connections & network


Manage the network


Service the network


As a distribution network operator, it is critically important to gain insight on the actual status of performance indicators, to do so you can rely on the controlling module of UMAX. Read more here.


The UMAX benefits for Distribution network operatiors

  • UMAX covers the entire process from (new) connection to collection
  • UMAX integrates customer processes with the management of connecting, operating and maintaining grid assets.
  • UMAX offers 24/7 front-office portal for registration of grid outages & disruptions notification