UMAX for Integrated utilities

In recent years, many utility markets have been extensively deregulated and liberalised, and yet large numbers of utilities all over the world are still being managed and operated by companies that serve a captive audience.

These integrated companies combine the tasks and responsibilities of a network operator with those of a supplier of utility services. Or they perform tasks that, in a liberalised market, belong to different market role. Therefore they are often called ‘integrated utilities’.

The role of an integrated utility is complex and includes many processes that are flawlessly supported by UMAX. Even when switching from a regulated to deregulated market situation, UMAX will be able to easily support the (former) integrated utility in its new market role.

UMAX supports your core business processes and allows you to adapt them rapidly to a highly competitive and ever-evolving environment



UMAX supports your core business processes


Acquiring new retail & B2B customers


Support all sales stages

Serve & Manage

Respond to customer requests


Forecast, simulate & invoice consumptions


Manage payments & amounts due

UMAX also includes these supporting processes


Link connections & network


Manage the network


Service the network


As an integrated utility, it is critically important to gain insight on the actual status of performance indicators, to do so you can rely on the controlling module of UMAX. Read more here.


The UMAX benefits for Integrated Utilities

  • UMAX’s integrated performance indicators continuously measure your performance and help you optimise your working capital.
  • UMAX’s unified logging and powerful exception processes lead to better management of workloads.
  • UMAX lowers the ‘cost 2 serve’ by offering various channels for 24/7 (online) customer self-servicing.
  • UMAX facilitates ‘first-line resolution’, thus reducing workload and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.