UMAX for Suppliers B2B - B2C

Deregulation of the energy industry has brought competition amongst suppliers and has given freedom of choice to retail and business customers. B2B and B2C clients have become more articulate in expressing their demands and expect their supplier to be flexible in meeting their ever-changing needs. As a result, suppliers must offer competitive prices, impeccable service and innovative solutions to maintain and expand their customer base.


UMAX supports your core business processes and allows you to adapt them rapidly to a highly competitive and ever-evolving environment. Click one of the processes below for more information.



UMAX supports your core business processes


Acquiring new retail & B2B customers


Supports all stages in the selling process

Serve & Manage

Respond to customer requests


Forecast, simulate & invoice consumptions


Manage payments & amounts due

UMAX also includes these supporting processes


Communicate with other parties


Monitor & stay in control


The UMAX benefits for suppliers in B2C markets

  • UMAX’s powerful tactical tools for prospecting, campaigning & hinting enable you to organise your sales activities more effectively.
  • UMAX’s integrated performance indicators continuously measure your performance and help you optimise your working capital.
  • UMAX’s unified logging and powerful exception processes lead to better management of workloads.
  • UMAX lowers the ‘cost 2 serve’ by offering various channels for 24/7 (online) customer self-servicing.
  • UMAX facilitates ‘first-line resolution’, thus reducing workload and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The UMAX benefits for suppliers in B2B markets

  • UMAX measures profitability per segment and/or product-market combination.
  • UMAX reduces ‘working capital’ throughout all supply activities, from sourcing to sales and collection.
  • UMAX manages your utility by means of configurable and streamlined processes; the software focuses on “what really matters”.  
  • UMAX lets you configure & set up products and prices (incl. exchange, online ‘click’ or volume based...) more flexibly.
  • UMAX’s virtually endless structuring possibilities help you service multisite clients effectively and efficiently.
  • UMAX organises your invoicing activities using the powerful (incl. AMR-driven) billing engine.