Billing for Suppliers

Billing is one of the core business processes of energy suppliers. Minor inaccuracies and errors in the preparation and issuing of invoices for the supply of energy can seriously disturb your cash balance and/or eat into your working capital. Furthermore, the markets you are operating in and the market segment you are servicing (B2C or B2B) can substantially add to the complexity of your billing process. The billing module in UMAX has been conveniently tailored to meet all the requirements of suppliers in the utility sector.



As a supplier, you have to use different billing methods for your B2B and B2C customers. Some require you to submit monthly invoices, others prefer fortnightly or weekly bills. Still, UMAX lets you make a forecast at any given moment of the total sum of outstanding invoices. This subsequently enables you to determine your cash flow and working capital.



UMAX includes a function for simulating a planned billing run with a view to limiting costs. While simulations have no impact on current operations, they quickly detect possible exceptions and rectify the situation. Hence they ensure more accurate billing, reduce inbound call volumes, lighten front and back office workload and decrease the need for cash flow.



Invoicing - BillingBilling may take the form of invoices or prepayment statements. It may be done monthly or quarterly, when moving house or upon completion or termination of the contract. The UMAX invoicing module provides for all of these situations. It supports batch processing and allows the prioritisation of one type of invoice over others. And because UMAX can accommodate varying tariffs and payment options in different countries or regions, it makes invoicing multisite B2B clients a breeze.  


Invoices need to be entered into the accounts system which, ideally, should also be part of UMAX. However, if your company has implemented an accounting package from a different software house, UMAX can still provide an elegant and economical solution. 



Other UMAX processes for Suppliers b2b - b2c


Acquiring new retail & B2B customers


Supports all stages in the selling process

Serve & Manage

Respond to customer requests


Forecast, simulate & invoice consumptions


Manage payments & amounts due


Communicate with other parties


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