Marketing for Suppliers

Acquiring new retail and B2B customers is crucially important for your business. Luckily, you can count on UMAX to streamline your prospecting efforts and effectively address your target markets. And as you gain more market share, the software helps you manage an ever-increasing variety of products and a growing number of (prospective) clients, ranging from households to large multisite companies.


Market intelligence

Market IntelligenceUMAX comes packed with handy tools you can use to confidently develop your market. Starting from a list of qualified leads, the software enables you to create a set of prospects and then turn them into profitable customers. The UMAX marketing intelligence module provides comprehensive analytical capabilities that are geared to increasing Customer Lifetime Value. The software constantly analyses and interprets individual customers’ data and helps you to determine which commercial tactics will generate more income for your utility business.


Customer profiling

Effective use of UMAX not only leads to lower customer acquisition costs, but also improves customer retention. The software easily identifies the most profitable customers, so that you can engage and communicate with them in a way that builds trust and loyalty. Less value-generating customers can be dealt with in a consistent and cost-effective manner.


Business customers can be classified according to energy consumption levels, solvency, type of industry and various other criteria. This is how UMAX contributes to the standardisation and integration of your organisational processes according to market segments.


Product and lifecycle management

Flexible product configuratorBecause it’s based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, UMAX features a powerful and flexible product configurator. All products are conceived and designed as assemblies of components including costs, taxes, rebates, optional services and many more. Each component can be used in more than one product.


This enables you to configure new and promotional products in virtually no time. Consequently, UMAX allows for a considerably faster time to market than conventional ERP software.


This also applies for more complex B2B products. In the B2B world, sales derive from a wide variety of very specific products. Some of them are linked to spot prices, others are based on combinations of high or low voltage volumes or on volume clicks. Still others take into account the client’s own energy generation or company structure (e.g. multisites).


Another advantage of the component-based approach is the way it lets you keep your finger on the pulse at all levels of the organisation. By adding, removing or rearranging components, you can make sure that all departments in your organisation continue to receive all the information they need. The total amount of rebates granted, for instance, is equally important to the sales department as it is to the accounting department.



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