Serve & Manage for Suppliers

When customers move house, increase or reduce their energy consumption, switch bank accounts or subscribe to new services, they get into contact with your company. As an energy supplier, you need to respond quickly and efficiently to a constant stream of change requests from your residential and business clients.


Customer interaction

Customer interactionEach contact with new or existing customers represents a ‘moment of truth’. They get an opportunity to form an opinion about you as a utility provider, based on how well staff members or call centre personnel perform. Conversely, it is also true that each contact provides an opportunity for utilities to cross- and/or up-sell or to lower the cost to serve.  

To ensure that all customer interactions are handled competently and cost-effectively, UMAX was founded on the philosophies of ‘integrated contact circles’ and ‘first time right’ service management. UMAX guarantees:

  • The quick and efficient identification of customers via phone, web, etc.
  • The representation of the most relevant data about the customer in an easy–to-see dashboard view, enabling operators to autonomously initiate the most common customer processes.
  • Several more tools for improving customer service.


Customer self-service

As a supplier, you are constantly looking for ways to lower the overall cost to serve,  and here the web opens up whole new vistas. UMAX provides a 24/7 online customer self-service option for B2B and B2C. The self-service portal enables customers to:

  • access information on their contracts, consumption, etc.
  • check and change their personal details, such as address, type of product, payment method…
  • initiate certain process, e.g. moves, contract extensions

Providing customers with the ability to autonomously manage their account 24/7 offers advantages for both parties. Customers gain control over their energy use and budget, while you, as a supplier, can reduce ‘cost to serve’ by pushing more customers to the web. For B2B customers, the self-service portal offers extra functionalities such as: 

  • an instant (AMR/Smart) overview of their energy consumption;
  • online price-clicking of energy volumes;
  • management of multisites (adding/deleting);
  • initiation of B2B customer-oriented processes, such as a new quotation request;
  • and many more…

Contract mutation

Customer self-serviceThe majority of requests that customers submit to their supplier via e-mail, letter or phone relate to their contracts. Customers who move, switch suppliers, require an extension or end their supply contract actually initiate contract mutation processes that are fully supported by UMAX. The software even offers handy wizards and tools to efficiently manage these customer requests.


Document management

By changing to better-suited supply tariffs, adding more services, switching suppliers, opting for quarterly payments and making various other adjustments to their contract, customers initiate a steady stream of documents that need to be managed. UMAX comes with an easy-to-use document management module which improves the effectiveness and efficiency of storing, editing and accessing important information.



Other UMAX processes for Suppliers b2b - b2c


Acquiring new retail & B2B customers


Supports all stages in the selling process

Serve & Manage

Respond to customer requests


Forecast, simulate & invoice consumptions


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