UMAX for Water companies

Every day, you supply millions of litres of tap water to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of customers in your service area. You connect homes and businesses to your water distribution network and provide assistance to customers who are moving house and/or subscribe to new services. You install and run purification plants, pumps, pipes and meters and carry out tests to ensure your drinking water meets the highest quality and safety standards. And alongside these activities you liaise with all relevant authorities and regulators who closely monitor your economic, environmental and quality performances.

As a water company, you are also facing important changes in your operating environment. Gradually progressing market liberalisation may force you to strike a finer balance between keeping operating costs to a minimum and ensuring that customers remain satisfied.
UMAX helps you cope with all present and future challenges. The system supports your core client oriented business processes and allows you to adapt them rapidly to a highly competitive and ever-evolving environment:



UMAX supports your core business processes


Support all stages in the selling process

Serve & Manage

Respond to customer requests


Forecast, simulate & invoice consumptions


Manage payments & amounts due

UMAX also includes these supporting processes


Link connections & network


Manage the network


Service the network


As a water company, it is critically important to gain insight on the actual status of performance indicators, to do so you can rely on the controlling module of UMAX. .


The UMAX benefits for Water Companies

  • UMAX covers all processes from (new) water connection to billing and even further.
  • UMAX bundles all the tools you need to control your business, covering all activities from grid operation to customer service.
  • UMAX manages your CRM-related processes effectively via a multichannel approach based on customer lifetime value.
  • UMAX easily integrates new and additional services in the utility invoice e.g. charity contribution, taxes...
  • UMAX facilitates mobile workforce management by enabling remote monitoring and programming of schedules via tablet, smartphone PDA, PC,…
  • UMAX helps you focus on ‘what really matters’ through efficient, flexible and clear processes