UMAX: a proven solution with an impressive track record

Over the years, UMAX has been implemented at different international and regional utilities covering the different commodities from energy, water, heating/cooling to digital data & supporting the different market roles from (vertically) integrated utility in regulated markets to suppliers, distribution net operators in deregulated markets. By doing so, UMAX not only offers proven industry frameworks and methodologies, but it also has been perfected thanks to best practices. Discover below the impressive track record of UMAX and a number of reference cases.


Find out which utilities are already benefiting from the power of UMAX!


GDF SUEZ The Netherlands eon Eneco Belgium
Eneco the Netherlands De Watergroep




GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland

The UMAX solution will support GDF SUEZ in the Netherlands in the management of its B2C customer portfolios. GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland signed a contract with Itineris for the delivery of the UMAX business solution for utilities.

E.ON – The Netherlands

E.ON A.G. - one of the world’s largest power and gas groups - and E.ON IT GmbH recently decided to select UMAX and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as a core business solution and alternative for SAP-ISU for E.ON’s business activities, outside the German home market.

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Eneco Belgium B.V.

To turn its promises - as a new entrant on the Belgian retail energy market - into reality, Eneco Belgium was looking for an efficient IT solution to support it in managing these new business activities and customer base. After a thorough study of the market, Eneco chose UMAX. Watch Eneco's testimonial on YouTube.

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Eneco The Netherlands B.V.

ENECO wanted to streamline its IT systems and the business processes built around them, while simultaneously accelerating the development of new products and services. The company wished to adapt its systems for e-business applications to improve customer service and reduce transaction costs. For this reason, ENECO invested in the Itineris UMAX utility solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. Watch ENECO's testimonial on YouTube.

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Delta Zakelijk supplies electricity, gas, heat and related services to companies and public authorities. Delta Zakelijk is part of Delta as a B2B division. The energy supplier is active in Zeeland, its home market, and the rest of the Netherlands, has a monthly turnover of 60 million euros and 10% market share. Watch Delta's testimonial on YouTube.

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De Watergroep - Flemish water company

De Watergroep's IT infrastructure for customer management was no longer able to support its rapid evolution, and the mainframe used was unwieldy and expensive to maintain. So De Watergroep looked for a more flexible and more cost-effective system for automated billing and better customer follow-up. After a public tender, they opted for the UMAX solution for water companies (over SAP). Read more in this press release.

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Intergas Netbeheer wanted to streamline its administrative business activities better to the needs of the deregulated energy market. Now, more than ever, costs, efficiency and innovation play an important role. The gas company chose UMAX for grid operators.

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Delta Netwerkbedrijf B.V.

DELTA - Distribution Network Company (DNWB) is the regional distribution network operator for electricity and gas in the province of Zeeland (NL), and a network operator that executes its statutory role autonomously. The company stands for safe, reliable and cost efficient management of the gas and electricity networks. They are responsible for the construction, maintenance and development of these networks.

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